Love Who You Love

Jennifer just had a procedure. It was a pretty straightforward surgery, so there wasn’t too much to be concerned about. But it’s time like these that cause a person to think. The standard surface worries and stresses of daily life fade away and we find ourselves plunging deep into much more serious “what ifs?” and fears. Even if but for brief moments.

These exploratory walks into our psyche are as enriching as they are scary. They allow us to ponder, take stock. We gain a little perspective on life.

So many of us (me included, like, all the time) get caught up in day-to-day life. We labor under proverbial yokes of the modern age coined in phrases such as “the days are long and the years are short.” We don’t like Mondays, we yearn for the weekend. Rinse, wash, repeat….

Why?? Why do we get stuck ticked off at the mud around our shoes and not look up at the horizon? Why can’t we zoom out on our lives, as if it was Google Earth, and see the big picture?

The takeaway for me as I have a few extra quiet moments is: Love who you love. I know this may be pretty simple and obvious. And it is. But I think when we get caught up with our lives, we let that slip. I know I do. I know I can do better.

We all have people that we love. When asked, or prompted, we will readily state we love an individual. We may readily say “I love you,” even though that may sadly wane in some of our relationships. This is all the second part of the phrase, love who you love.

The first part of the phrase is the hard part. We don’t have time for that, you see. We have work to do. Activities to get to. Food to cook. Laundry to fold. Social media to swipe at. Our world is swallowed by money, career, relationship needs and worries.

But I must admit: If I spent more time on this one point, I would be a better and happier human being. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy. But I can be happier. And of course I can be better. We need to stop and remind ourselves that we are surrounded by people who we love. We just need to love them!

Go out of your way to stop the noise in your life and show affection to those you consider close to you. Put aside the daily grind to show your loved ones exactly what they mean to you.

My sons, whom I dearly love, I pledge to do better, to love you more. And if I ever forget to tell you, love who you love.